Enrico Benetti  BV
Ettenseweg 17
7071 AA Ulft
T: (31) 315 32 33 61 (Office)
T: (31) 315 64 06 60 (Sales)
F: (31) 315 32 32 20

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About Enrico Benetti



Enrico Benetti BV is based in the Netherlands, and has been an importer and exporter of leathergoods since 1946. All our products carry our brand name and logo. Over the years, Enrico Benetti has become a well-known and respected brand in our own country and throughout Europe.



Our collection is updated frequently during the year to include the latest eye catching designs and colours. All our products are designed to combine fashion styling with practicality. The collection caters for all ages and all walks of life.


Enrico Benetti is now distributed, and well established, in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, and also further afield in West Africa and the Philippines.



All Enrico Benetti products are tested for durability and practicality and we guarantee our products against any manufacturing defects. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the best quality and workmanship to satisfy consumer demand.


Overall, Enrico Benetti is recognised as one of the top leathergoods distributors in The Netherlands.



All Enrico Benetti products are made using high quality materials including real leather, PU, polyester and nylon. Furthermore, all our products pass stringent tests required by European law and are environmentally friendly, and REACH compliant.